Weather Stripping Removal Hack Using a 6″ Drywall Knife.

We get many calls this time of year for replacing weathering stripping when the temperature starts to drop and the wind picks up. Replacing the weathering stripping around a door can be a simple task with a few helpful hints.

You can’t replace the weathering stripping if you can’t get the existing stuff out. Years of compression, dirt, and moisture can almost glue the rubber finned kerf inserts into the door jamb. Trying to use needle nose pliers or a flat head screwdriver won’t provide enough surface support to break the weather stripping free in most cases. Without the foam properly supported, the compression foam will easily pull or rip, leaving the rubber finned insert stuck in the jamb.

So now that we know what the issue is, here is the hack to making the must stubborn weather stripping break free with ease. Maximize supporting the foam by using a 6″ drywall knife between the door jamb and the weather stripping and prying outward.


As you can see in the picture above, just start down low, insert the blade, and twist your wrist.  The technique is to keep the top corner of the drywall knife plated and try and rotate the bottom corner outward or away from the door.  We hope this little hint makes your next weather stripping replacement go smoothly from start to finish.

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